Re-Ignite the Fire – Restoring Locomotive 3016

Transport Heritage NSW and the Royal Australian Historical Society have awarded the Canberra Railway Museum a grant of $25,000 to commence the boiler works for Locomotive 3016

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Why Restore a Steam Engine?

The answer to this is ‘because we can!’

The last time 3016 was restored, in 2003, it had to go to Thirlmere (NSW) and the superheater elements had to be ordered from England. Now there are several companies in Australia who can do this work for us.
Several of the crew who worked on that restoration are still either members of CRM or within easy reach, and we have been able to establish a knowledgeable, capable and passionate team.
The numbers of people in Canberra and surrounds who rush to book out any opportunity for steam travel, and those who flock to the Museum when the steam locomotives are here, are an indication of the support we could expect from restoring our own steamer.
3016 may be 120 years old, but the locomotive is in good condition. The boiler itself is sound, even though some of its components, like the superheater elements and the copper flues and tubes, require attention.

The journey will be long and expensive, but with your help, it will be completed!


Members of past restoration team

  • Lindsay Richmond
  • Glenn Bridgart
  • Darren Vaughan

Consultant Engineer

  • David Malcolm

Safety Consultant

  • Mark Adamson

Team Members

  • Chris Loose
  • Mick Joyce

Project Manager

  • Andrea Trappes

CRHR Board

  • Neil Smith (Chair)
  • Jane Wheaton
  • Peter Semczuk
  • Josh Beveridge
  • Mitchell Green
  • Jordi Nugent

HRH Board

  • Glenn Bridgart(Chair)
  • Michael McCarthy
  • Tony Burns
  • Neville Lewis
  • Richard Robinson

February 2024 – Locomotive 3016 sits ready for boiler removal. The funnel and cab have been removed; the steam pipes from the smokebox will be lifted into the tender.